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Astrophotography preparation brings success

Astrophotography is not easy but a little planning goes a long way. Learn the steps needed to get it right on the first try.

How to capture the magnificent arms of the Milky Way

Astrophotography takes a fair amount of dedication. Being middle aged, working a full-time job and living in the city doesn’t help matters when it...

Using focus stacking in Photoshop to sharpen images

Focusing stacking uses both the camera and post-processing software like Adobe Photoshop to create sharper images. Landscape and macro photographer employ the technique when...

An introduction to smartphone photography

Smartphone cameras have taken the market by storm. So much so that many photography communities and websites are saturated almost exclusively by cell phone...

Boosting your food photography game during the holidays

It’s the holidays, which is the season of special family meals, eating out and stopping for nice treats to help get through all the...