Wintertime brings cold to many areas but it also brings the celebrations of various holidays and displays of lights. Candles are lit on the menorah with the shamash over eight days of Hanukkah. People in warmer areas wish for snow to feel more like it’s Christmas. Quaint areas of town string their storefronts with twinkling lights. Homes do the same but sometimes they also include lawn ornaments. Still other places celebrate the winter solstice and the coming new year with fireworks displays. While late December is a busy time of the year for many, these opportunities provide photographers motivated enough to brave the cold plenty of opportunities to practice their nighttime photography skills. Take advantage of them while it’s still possible.

Happy holidays, whichever ones they may be, from our homes to yours.

Bar in Portland's Kerns neighborhood decked in Christmas lights
Portland street in the Kerns neighborhood is decorated in lights for the holidays. Photo by Dawn Hewitt.
Army of illuminated Santa lawn ornaments in empty store window.
Santas wait in an abandoned storefront for their big day. Photo by Dawn Hewitt.
Fresh snow covers ground and trees with pond in mid-ground.
Many wish for snow during the holidays, but walking in a winter wonderland in late December is almost never a question in the Midwest. Photo by Benjamin Pecka.
A menorah sits at the skyway level in one of the many festive skyscrapers of downtown Minneapolis.
A menorah sits at the skyway level in one of the many festive skyscrapers of downtown Minneapolis. Photo by J.D. Duggan.
Christmas lights draped on trees at the edge of a frozen lake, with part of the Minneapolis skyline in the background.
Holidazzle is an annual winter holiday festival in Minneapolis. Formerly a parade, Holidazzle now features songs, lights, food, an ice rink, and of course– beer. Photo by J.D. Duggan.

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