Foto Friday: Vibrant colors

A green field in front of the Minneapolis skyline

Vibrant colors are all around us, especially outside of winter months for those of us with some distance from the equator. We’ve gathered a handful of images to illustrate color usage in photography and show off past works.

A red cardinal eats in a bird feeder
Photo credit: Gene Dianoski

This cardinal is expertly framed by a highly-contrasted selective focus. The visible detail and texture of the bird makes for a dynamic image that really pops at the viewer. The lighting and technique draw vibrant colors to the forefront of the photo.

Green trees hang over a river and cast a reflection off the water.
Photo credit: Benjamin Pecka

Reflections are a great way to capture a unique perspective in photography. In this photo, the reflection from the water fills the entire frame with a bright, vibrant green. This saturation of color controls the mood and keeps a light and upbeat ambiance to the image.

A spraypainted truck sits in a homeless encampment at the west bank of Minneapolis
Photo credit: JD Duggan

An abandoned truck lies on the edge of a homeless encampment under a major city bridge. The contrast of dingier colors and the bright colors of the truck and background trees creates a well of emotions for the photograph, fantastically capturing the mood of this ramshackle homestead.

A nighttime photo of an adult shop sign in an Asian country
Photo credit: John Abrenilla

Again, the contrast of muted and vibrant colors creates a unique ambiance. As is typical, the eye is drawn directly to the words and brighter colors in the center of the photo. Besides this, the frame also holds contextual information and gives a certain understanding of what this neighborhood might be like. The urban environment surrounding the signs tells a story.

A nighttime shot of a church in a downtown city.
Photo credit: John Abrenilla

This wide-frame shot is a rich blend of dark and light, with a variety of colors interspersed throughout. The eye is drawn through the photograph and along the lines of the church, into the deep blue of the downtown skyline. This image is also an example of taking the rule of thirds and bending it slightly.

A sunset photo of a pier going deep into the waterPhoto credit: Gene Dianoski

The textural gradience of this image sets the depth. The pier cutting through the water loses detail in the distance and draws the eye inward with it. The bright orange of the sunset overcasts the photograph with a sense of nostalgia for a day coming to an end.

A picture of a red flower
Photo credit: Gene Dianoski

The bright, focused flower pops out of this image. Vibrant color and texture draw the eye immediately to the offset subject.

Looking down a waterfall at the North Shore of Minnesota
Photo credit: JD Duggan

Our last photo shows a waterfall plummeting to the river below. With a bright exposure on a sunny day, the colors and textures remain distinct in the image.

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