Foto Friday: Transportation

A photo of a tugboat pushing through the water
Photo credit: John Abrenilla

Planes, trains, and… more trains. This week’s Foto Friday is transportation! A key aspect to shooting any form of transportation, whether it’s cars or bikes or whatever, is getting the correct exposure. Taking photos like this can be especially tricky during the night, with the contrast of the vehicles lights and the dark of the nighttime.

Whether you’re shooting train tracks or the road, excellent use of lines is necessary. Lines drive the photograph and work as a great opportunity for framing the subject.

We gathered a handful of our own photographs to start the conversation. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below, or join us at our community forums!



A photo looking out the window of a train
Photo credit: Dawn Hewitt
A photo of a Minneapolis bus in front of a Metro Transit building
Photo credit: Benjamin Pecka
A photo of a train in a bleakly-colored trainyard
Photo credit: John Abrenilla
A blurry picture of cars in the road with sleet and snow coming down
Photo credit: Gene Dianoski



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