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photopigs is a community-driven publication dedicated to teaching photography through practice and interaction with a supportive community. Rather than reduce quality to maximize clicks, photopigs aims to involve the audience with news-gathering and production. Editors engage with the community to determine what is most important to cover.

The goal is to always produce content that provides a genuine service and encourages budding photographers to keep shooting. Digital technology is more accessible than ever and photography is for everybody.​ It is our view that the information currently available on the Internet makes it difficult to find comprehensive and easy-to-understand materials in one place.

​In an economy of information, society needs as many trained reporters and photojournalists as it can get. Complex data is increasingly presented visually but advancing software technology makes misinformation difficult to spot. As such, photopigs aims to cultivate a culture of photographers and graphic designers with strong visual and media literacy skills.


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Adjusting Photoshop white balance like a pro

A gray card in photography refers to a flat object of neutral gray used as a reference object for exposure and color. If you...
A candle in a darkened room.

Foto Friday: Contrast

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