Friday, August 23, 2019
Glacier National Park

Project goals develop photography style

Having photography projects has endless benefits but they are indispensable tools in order to develop photography style. Shooting with purpose motivates, helps photographers figure...
A local trail runs under the road. Photo by Gene Dianoski.

Framing most important compositional technique

Framing is a critical element to photography composition. Framing leads the eyes and highlights the subject, but also provides a sense of depth and...

Lines guide the mood and composition of a photograph

Effectively using lines to control a photograph's composition sets the scene for the viewer. Leading lines guide the eye through a photograph, drawing attention...
A cell phone's camera flash in front of trees and the sky

Proliferation of photography presents credibility issue

Since the advent of the internet, smartphones and social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, today's photography market is undoubtedly saturated....
McDonald's sign with Minneapolis skyline in the background

Advertising: Commodified identity and selling gender roles

Advertisers today hold a keen sense of what their consumers want. Identity, social acceptance, love. These intangibles define our identity-- how we view ourselves...
An HDR pre-sunrise.

Executing and processing dynamic HDR images

The process of HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is relatively simple to learn because there are only a few steps to know. Basically it...
Lower half of the constellation Orion.

Astrophotography preparation brings success

Astrophotography is not easy but a little planning goes a long way. Learn the steps needed to get it right on the first try.

Colors create depth, mood and communicate cultural meanings

At its fundamental base, photography is the simple act of capturing the spectrum of light. The eye perceives the visible spectrum of light wavelengths...
A view of Wizard Island from the rim of Crater Lake

Snowshoeing and winter sports fun creates unique photo opportunities

Taking pictures while out snowshoeing, or doing other winter sports like skiing, cross country skiing or snowmobiling, is fantastic. Snowshoe trekking is my winter...
Advertising is displayed above the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Advertising: From ancient worlds to postwar America

Ads are ubiquitous in today's world. The cultural impact of advertising and consumption pervade into every aspect of our lives. Advertising and consumer-lifestyle became an...